Magheracross, Northern Ireland

Landscape photograph - Magheracross, Northern Ireland

Magheracross, Northern Ireland

I was driving along the north coast of Ireland on this April evening, not intending to take photographs. However, the cloud formations over Portrush were very dramatic, and as the sun began to set a mix of warm and cool tones started to fill the sky.

I knew Magheracross viewpoint would offer a fine view of this vista, so I drove there as fast as I could! There were a few other photographers there, but they were already packing up their equipment. I knew from experience that the sun would burst through the clouds just before it set, and that it was worth waiting for.

I setup my camera, attached my Lee Polariser and 3 stop soft-edged ND filter, and waited just a few minutes for the sun to appear. I was using the polariser to take the sheen off the water, and allow me a slightly longer shutter speed to soften the wave texture. I used a 3 stop graduated neutral density filter to keep some detail in the foreground areas. However, I feel that a 4 or even a 5 stop filter would have been more useful, and I intend to add one of these to my filter kit.


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